11/6/2022 updated

MIT2022 三天的研習營目前有空位釋出,歡迎有興趣的朋友報名參加,謝謝。
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There is still room available for MIT 2022. We welcome all our fellow dancers to attend. Registration Form: ( 3-Day Pass) (1-day Pass)
MIT2022在12/2星期五晚上的歡迎舞會將以 ”Dancing in the Country”為主題。歡迎大家用西部牛仔的裝扮,穿上跳舞靴、戴上牛仔帽,一起歡樂共舞!

The theme for MIT 2022’s Welcome Madness Party is "Dancing in the Country” on Friday night 12/2. Let’s put on our best cowboy hats, dress shirts, belts and happily DANCE together. Yeehaw!