MIT 2013 Party Night Playlist   舞會舞單
12/6 Welcome Party 6:30-9:30PM

Come Dance With Me
Under The Sun
Time Bomb / Wanna Wanna Woop
Booty Chuk / Little Chuk
You're Amazing / Bruno's Way
Faking it
2 Nite
No Life After You
TBA (12/6 teaching)
2013 Cha Cha
First Time / For the First Time
Make Your Mark
Hurt Me Carefully
Perfect !
Trespassing / No Trespassing
People Help the People
Waking Up
NY Cha
Jo 'N Jo Tango
Folla Me To Da Floor
Clap Happy
Rain Against My Window
Without You
Blurred Lines / Blurry Lines
Sippin' on Southern
TBA (12/6 teaching)
Skinny Love
His Only Need
Give it A Go
Still Love Me Tomorrow? /
Will You Still Love Me
Watch It Burn
Playing With Fire
Stand by Me Cha
Now You See It, Now You Don't
Without Fire
You Make the Rain Fall
Gotta Be Somebody
When I Was Your Man
12/7 Dance Party

Something In The Water
So Cool
Be My Baby Now
Party Freak
Quarter After One
Rhythm of the Night
Cadillac Ride
That Kinda Lovin'
Finish What We Started
Workshop dance
Workshop dance
Go Mambo
That Person, That Love
Gleefully There
Hey People
Workshop dance
Workshop dance
Let Me Be There
Alabama Slammin'
Next To Me
Voodoo Jive
Over the Love
We're Not Broken / Give Me A Reason
Let Me C It
Workshop dance
Sentimental / Touchy!
Hey Bruce
Melon Heart
Scarborough Waltz
Outta Control
Boom Sh-Boom
Sum'm Sum'm
Your Last Day
Dear Life
TBA (12/6 teaching)
TBA (12/6 teaching)
Love 2 Dance
Whatever Happens
12/8 Farewell Party

Sing Sing Sing
Wake Up Little Susie
Boys Will Be Boys / Little Boy
Slip / Slip 32
Workshop dance
Workshop dance
Never Say Never
Rock Paper Scissors
Tango De Pasion
Back In Time
My Light
Workshop dance
Workshop dance
Waltzing At Twilight / Over the Years
Bang Bang
Beautiful In My Eyes
Come Together 2013
Workshop dance
Workshop dance
Shakin' My Head
50 Ways
Bittersweet Memory
Who Else But You
Kings You and I
Workshop dance
Workshop dance
It Don't Matter
Woman In Love
CanAm Tango
Move A Like
Murder My Heart
My Spanish Love
Workshop dance
Workshop dance
Workshop dance or by request
Workshop dance or by request
TBA (12/6 teaching)
TBA (12/6 teaching)
by request
by request
by request
Hey! Hey! Goodbye!!

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