MIT 2020 Cancelled

First of all, thank you all for your MIT 2020 registrations and your patience.
We meant to update MIT 2020 info a while back, but have not done so until now mainly because of the requests from dancers and choreographer. Many are still actively rooting MIT 2020 on despite of the current global COVID-19 situation.
Unfortunately things are not developing the way we all hope for. Taiwan CDC elevated COVID-19 caution level last week. It doesn’t look like Taiwan border control will be loosen up soon. 14 day quarantine and COVID-19 tests are still required for foreign visitors. People in Taiwan are now back to wearing masks mandatorily in all public indoor spaces.
The safety of MIT dancers is our top concern. For this reason, 3S agree that postponing MIT 2020 to 2021 may be best for all.
Lucky for us, Guillaume Richard and Fred Whitehouse have recommitted. I am sorry that Niels Poulsen can't make our 2021 dates. Maddison Glover is still trying to reschedule her work calendar since so many events were cancelled. We will continue ongoing open discussions with choreographers, aiming for the best year to come in 2021.
We will automatically credit your registration fees to 2021, but will also allow the option to refund (minus third party fees) by request.
Please contact us or email your refund request by Sept 30th, 2020.
Email address:
We are for sure living in this historic time of our life.
Sorry about all the inconvenience it incurred.
Your understanding is very appreciated.

首先, 3S感謝大家的熱烈支持,讓MIT 2020超快額滿。 也謝謝眾多舞友和大師的鼓勵,一直希望MIT 2020能如期舉行。 3S因此一直耐心期待全球疫情變好。 但上星期台灣衛生疾病管制署因應國際疫情升溫, 再次呼籲台灣人民努力加強防疫,包括室內群聚活動又需戴口罩的規定,國際人士入境也照舊需檢測及14天隔離。 因為考量參與MIT國際大師和舞友的安全,3S決定將MIT 2020延到2021年(12月3-5日)。我們很開心大師們中的Guillaume Richard 和Fred Whitehouse可以來MIT 2021, 但Niels Poulsen無法這時段來台,Maddison Glover目前也尚未確定是否能來MIT 2021。 3S會繼續努力和多位國際大師們連繫,期待再創2021台灣瘋排舞的新高。 我們打算將已報名MIT 2020舞者的報名資料和費用自動轉移到MIT 2021。因為今年情況特殊,我們也會接受合理的退款(扣除銀行或其他第三者手續費用)。請在今年9月底前和MIT連絡。 連絡信箱 : 3S謝謝大家諒解這次因爲疫情引發的變動和困擾。

8/17/2020 updated