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    感謝各地朋友踴躍報名參加台灣瘋排舞MIT2017! 報名三天活動的人數已經額滿,即日起不再收取參加三日的報名表,同時並開放接受單日活動的報名。參加單日活動的人數亦有限額,星期六(12/2)單日活動的報名人數也已額滿。星期五(12/1)和星期日(12/3)的單日活動尚有名額,請把握機會儘快報名!謝謝大家的支持。請把握機會儘快報名,謝謝!

All 3-day passes for MIT 2017 are taken! Thank you for your support! Although we will no longer accept registration for 3-day passes, 1-day passes are now available. Please note, however, that we will only provide a limited number of 1-day passes. Saturday's(12/2) one day passes are now sold out, but friday(12/1) and sunday's(12/3) are still available. So get your 1-day passes before they are gone too!
Thank you for your support!



          MIT 2017報名表已公佈,在5月31日前完成報名參加三天活動者,將獲贈MIT橘色T-Shirt一件。6月1日起並開始接受參加單日活動的報名,請仔細參閲報名表的說明及注意事項,若有任何疑問,請email至 詢問,謝謝。

          The registration form for MIT 2017 is available on the site now. Those purchasing 3-day passes before May 31 will receive a gift of an orange MIT T-shirt. One-day passes will be available starting on June 1. Please read the instructions and notices on the registration form carefully. If you have any questions, please email them to Thank you!